Family Business Coach, Inc.

“My strong suit is sales. Rollie coached me through the fine art of negotiating with the outside groups of attorneys, accountants, and consultants (they can be expensive and trouble if you aren’t careful). The phone sessions are great, they allow me to work my schedule and not feel like I have to be at a meeting at a certain time (I have enough of those already).”
Craig M.
Environmental Remediation, Ohio

Why Hire me

Because your company is unique, built on your vision with specific goals in mind. However, running a family business means you have a slew of other interests, concerns, and conflicts that can disrupt your plan. Having no one to confide in or problem solve with, your energy drains more quickly and you find that you are spending valuable time on things that frankly don’t improve your company.

I help owners focus or re-focus on what will make their company strong and stable today and in the future.

I’m your coach.

Your well being, your company's stability and your overall prosperity is WHY coaching with me is an excellent investment for you as a family owned business leader.

That you have someone on your side who understands your position, your concerns, and your fears; helping you generate the results you really want AND DESERVE.

Breathing Room:
Go ahead, VENT, it's okay and one of the important benefits of the confidential coaching relationship. With improved peace of mind, you’ll even sleep better at night.

Regain your confidence and enthusiasm as you reconnect with yourself, your goals, your priorities…

Prosper as you move forward making confident decisions that stabilize and grow your business.

Objective / Prospective:
Coaching will provide a fresh start and a new or different prospective with today’s most pressing problems as well as those that are years down the road.

Contact Rollie Fondessy

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Phone: 407-545-2162