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“I wasn’t happy with the business, the employees, and some of the family members… all the sniping and complaining, and they all looked at me like it was my fault. It was my job to run the business and keep everyone happy at work and at home. Rollie’s coaching gave me someone to talk to, to trust that what I said wasn’t going to come back and bite me. In time, I was able to handle the real problems and let go of the ones I couldn't change. I can sleep again and I'm having fun rediscovering what I love about owning my own business.”
Sara W.
Restaurant, Michigan.

Client Services

What you can expect

I partner with you by combining over 25 years of experience and my three-step process with your expertise in your specific business. Together we identify your core issues, articulate your concerns, and establish what’s working and what’s not. Importantly, we’ll develop workable solutions using new ideas and creative alternatives. We’ll take action steps that deliver MEASURABLE RESULTS designed specifically for YOU.

Together we will strengthen business results and resolve issues such as:

Dealing with the “family dynamic" in the office and at home

  • Do you have balance with your family inside the office, at home, and in social settings?
  • Do you feel you have to be “on” all the time?
  • Do you detect resentment from other family members or employees?

General Management / Personnel Issues & Concerns

  • Is your first employee still with you? Is he or she “pulling his or her own weight”?
  • Are you having trouble attracting and/or keeping good management people?
  • Do you have employees that are underperforming, but are still employed just because another family member hired them?

Financial Issues / Problems / Concerns

  • How’s your relationship with the bank? Do you have a contingency plan in place if there is an economic downturn?
  • Are you confident with your financial status?
  • Is your business on solid financial ground? Are you sure about that?

Succession Issues & Planning

  • Do you have a succession plan in place? Is it what you want? Do you believe it will be effective?
  • Does it provide for your business and your family?
  • Who’s in charge if something unforeseen happens?

Choosing the right outside help (accountants, attorneys, specialized consultants, etc.)

  • Are you confident about your outside pros? Did you choose them, or did they come with the business?
  • Are they looking out for both you AND your company?

These issues and many others can be addressed in my results-oriented, three-step process of coaching family business owners. Along the way, I’ll serve as your professional peer, confidante, sounding board, and coach.

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