Family Business Coach, Inc.

“Rollie’s coaching was invaluable when I was dealing with the IRS, the bank, and with family members who felt entitled to a job and a lot of money. When we were finished, he helped me get my business in the right position for a very profitable sale.”
Dan C.
Car Dealership, Ohio

About Rollie

I grew up in a family business and started going to work with my dad at six years old. Every day of every summer I got up long before sunrise, went to work with him, and learned about business (although I didn’t know that’s what was happening at the time). I loved the time I spent with my dad and with the other employees of our companies. As the years went by, I grew old enough to actually work during the summer and I discovered something very puzzling to me. My uncles and cousins involved in the business seemed to have different thoughts from my dad on what “work” actually meant. My dad made me start from the bottom; hauling trash from the back of a truck when I was twelve. Some of my family members “skipped” a few levels and began running equipment and getting the “big bucks” while I was being paid $2.25 an hour, but “getting an invaluable education” (according to my dad and uncles). WOW, DID THAT TURN OUT TO BE TRUE!

For the next twelve years I continued to learn about business, from running a division to assisting in the sale of several of our family companies. Since my father and two uncles owned all the stock, I needed to continue to work for a living. Since that time, I’ve helped business owners in many different capacities over the last twenty-five plus years as a General Manager, CFO, Sales Manager, and an Operations Manager. I also started, built, and sold a business of my own.

My coaching sessions are easy to fit into your schedule and I'm accessible wherever you are. My three-step approach to coaching will not bog you down with answering page after page of questions, reading update reports, or trying to get you to do some exercises to “change the inner you”.

I'm here to partner with you, to identify what's keeping you up, or waking you up at night, and to help you find customized solutions based on what you want for your business.

If you think my coaching style would be a good fit for you, I encourage you to contact me and schedule a confidential, no-charge consultation to help you decide.

Contact Rollie Fondessy

1969 S.Alafaya Trail #224
Orlando, Fl 32828
Phone: 407-545-2162