Family Business Coach, Inc.

“I never really gave much thought to coaching, but in our first (no charge) conversation, Rollie asked me if I was prepared for the economy to worsen. I wasn’t, but after a while with him my company was ready and we really ended up needing it.”
John P.
Construction Industry, Florida

I help owners of family owned businesses with everything and anything that keeps them up at night. The issues you face are unique; you not only have the everyday business problems all owners face, you must deal with a wide array of additional issues and opportunities unique to family owned businesses.

My career began in a multi-faceted family business and for nearly two decades I wore many hats; from sweeping up the shop, to running one of the divisions, and virtually everything in between. I’ve sat “in the seat”, stood where you’re standing, and understand the issues you're facing.

I learned much and still am passionate about family owned businesses and their success. I've spent the last twenty-five years helping owners prosper in various ways with their businesses. For any business to prosper, there must be a sense of stability. If you and your company are stable, you can withstand most anything that gets thrown your way.

For me, family business coaching starts with integrity. There is no hidden agenda or axe to grind, so we will develop a trust; a trust that will allow you to be completely candid with me. All conversations are confidential, so my clients tell me things they won't or can’t tell anyone else. I’ll partner with you to identify what's keeping you up, or waking you up at night, and help you find customized solutions based on what you want for your business.

“I thoroughly enjoy walking with owners through the process of stabilizing their businesses. It is gratifying to me when I can see the owners finally free again to enjoy what they've worked for."
Rollie Fondessy

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